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  2.00     SECTIONAL         


 2.11     Staff

The members of staff in each of the sections presently on ground are as follows:-

            (a)   Engr BM Suleiman    Chief Maintenance Engineer-Head

            (b)        Surajudeen Lamidi      STO [Mechanical]

            (c)        Saka A. Keinde           STO [Electrical]

            2.12     SCHEDULE OF DUTY,

ENGR BM SULEIMAN, Chief Maintenance Engineer

This division is charged with the responsibility of handling all mechanical/electrical engineering works and other related maintenances of the polytechnic’s facilities and structures under the headship and leadership of Engr BM Suleiman. He shall be formally and informally held responsible on any lapses noted in the discharge of his responsibilities and the obligations of the division.

He shall be answerable directly to the Director in the discharge of his duties, adhoc duties and any other assignment that requires his attention as the divisional head.

         2.13     General Schedule

This section is charged with the responsibility of carrying out the following responsibilities

(1)               Maintenance of heavy and light duty plants and equipments

(2)               Maintenance of vehicles in the fleet

(3)               Maintenance of boreholes installations

(4)               Maintenance of all LT services leading to the sub-stations

(5)               Maintenance and sustenance of the sub-stations to be functional and safe jointly with the PHCN

(6)               Carry out all minor and major fabrication and welding works required

(7)               Carry out maintenance in refrigeration and air-conditioning etc

(8)               Liasoning with PHCN in functionality and sustainability of the sub-stations

(9)        To maintain and keep records of all minor and major works carried out in the section in this pattern

            (i)         Keep records of all works carried out

(ii)        Keep records of all common requests from user end and recommend to the school for a bulk purchase of such items to be kept in the stores


2.13.10            Craftsmen Schedule

The craftsmen electricians are to perform and carry out these assignments daily as shown below:-

(a)        To check and report for any electrical fault on our LT lines daily.

(b)        To ensure that all electrical supplies are according to load shading arrangements put on ground.

(c)        To ensure that all the Distribution Boards are adequately protected

(d)       To carry out any minor and major electrical works and installations from complaints received from users.

(e)        To ensure that the plants are cleaned, fueled adequately and ready for operations before putting it on load.

(f)        To carry out minor mechanical faults on our vehicles as reported at the automobile workshop

    2.14           Technical Services

There are various sections that fall under the technical division.  Their general duties involve administration, supervision of all minor and major works of the polytechnic.  The implementation of these works could either be handled directly or through the Minor Works Committee or the Finance and General Purpose Committee [FGPC] i.e. the implementation body of these works depends on the scope of the work entailed.

 These sections are:-

(i)                 Mechanical Section

This section has the following units. They are;-

   Fabrication & Welding

   Automobile and Transport

   Refrigeration and Air-conditioning

   Power & Plant (Mechanical)


(ii)               Electrical/Electronics Engineering Services  section

This section deals with the various electrical minor and major works installations to the Institution’s facilities and structures, minor and major works and installations to the polytechnic’s communication/electronics services.   The established units are:-

➊Power & Plants (Electrical)

Electrical Installations

Electronics & Telecommunications


2.15     General Staff on ground

The staffs on ground in this section are as follows:-

(a)        Sectional Head Office

(i)         Engr BM Suleiman                 Asst Chief Maint: Engineer                Head

(ii)        Surajudeen Lamidi                  STO (Mechanical)

(iii)       Saka Keinde                            STO (Electrical)


(b)       Mechanics Cadre

(i)         Toyingbo Gboyega

(ii)        Ismaila lawal

(iii)       Adeyemi Shogo

(iv)       Emmanuel O. Smith

      (v)        Mrs Funke Aberefa

(vi)       Suraju Sadiq

(vii)      Anthony Akogun


(c)        Refridgeration and Air-conditioning Unit

(i)         Giwa Muideen


(d)       Drivers Cadre

(i)         Mr. Akano Peter                     Chief Driver

(ii)        Adebisi Abioye                      

(iii)       Yakubu Amodu                     

(iii)       Adegboye Akinbule               

(iv)       Adebusuye E.O.                    

(v)        Lawal Ishola                          

(vi)       Kayode Ayodele                     Snr Driver


(e)        Plant Operators

(i)         Kabiru Adeniji A.

(ii)        Fagbemiro Julius

 (iii)      Muraina O. Ibrahim

(iv)       Lukman Aderanju


(f)        Fabrication and Welding

(i)         Yusuf Taofeeq


(g)        Electrical Craftsmen

(i)         Dauda Adetunji                      Senior Foreman (Electrical)

(ii)        Olawoyin SA                                      -do-

(iii)       Mufutau Raji                                       -do-

(iv)       Ishola Johnson                                                -do-

(v)        Oyelola Abiodun                                -do-

(vi)       Jimoh Murtala                                     -do-