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Saturday 20 Jan 2018

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 5.00     WORK PLAN

 The department intends to adopt a blueprint work plan that will fluctuate between immediate and longtime strategy in the implementation of all works, services and related maintenances at the two campuses.

 In order to achieve this, the department is proposing to:-

 A.        To circulate questionnaire to both staff and students on minor and major maintenance works                             covering all the sections/divisions with a view to:

 (1)   To identify the basic materials required for the prompt maintenance attention form the general                          complaints received from all members of staff and students, to be classified division by division;

(2)   To identify any of these materials or items that could be procured and kept  in store basically to                        keep minor and major works and services and maintenances daily requirements;

           (3)   To also identify those items which by its failure or malfunction can cut off basic essential services of                    water and electricity etc, on the two campuses?  For example:-

 (a)        Submersible / Surface pumps

(b)               Service pipes

(c)                Service cables/wires

(d)               Distribution boards

(e)                Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers, [ELCB]

(f)                A Separate Fuel dump/allocation to be solely under the care and control of the department;

(g)               A functional standby vehicles and driver for quick response.

(h)               A reasonable amount of not less than 250,000.00 [Two hundred and fifty thousand naira only] as monthly imprest.


         B.                 To conduct training from time to time either through the attendance of

organized workshops and seminars or internally.

 Thank you,


 Engr IP Hassan [JP]