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Physical Planning and Development

Physical Planning and Development sub unit are as follows


  • Responsible for planning, designing, and development of FPO infrastructural facilities and services.
  • Monitoring work program to attain completion of work at scheduled time.
  • Analyzing and certifying work valuation prepared by consultants for payment.
  • Endorsement of valuations and payment certificates.
  • Processing of certificates for payment.
  • Generating reports on progress of work and payment trends.
  • Keeping record of consultants’ presence on site.


  • Responsible for infrastructural development and maintenance of facilities and services for effective and efficient operations of the Polytechnic.
  • Ensure effective and efficient management of man-power, materials and funds approve for servicing, repairs and maintenance of all the infrastructural facilities at FPO.
  • Ensure proper coordination of maintenance activities in all the major service units; i.e electrical, civil, mechanical, horticulture and cleaning.
  • Ensure tidy and friendly environment through daily close supervision and mobilization of cleaners and horticulturists.
  • Perform general administrative functions especially those that relate to staff welfare, annual leave, discipline and other memos and correspondence coming to or going out of the Department of PPD.
  • Perform any other duties that may be given from time to time.


  • Prepares and keeps all the day to day activities of the office of the Director.
  • Keeps all the records of the day to day works done in the department.
  • Ensures that there is a smooth run of work by transmitting and disseminating information to necessary offices/unit concerned.
  • Receives and dispatches memos accordingly.
  • Performs any other duty from time to time as it may appear.


  • Ensures that there is a constant and stable power supply in the University on a daily bases.
  • Constant maintenance of electrical network in the University.
  • Maintains and ensure smooth run of power producing generators.
  • Clearing of faults and replacement of damaged electrical accessories in offices and residencies.
  • Processing and allocation of energy bills.


  • Responsible for the maintenance and supervision of Civil Works in the FPO.
  • Responsible for maintenance of components as carpentry work, mason, aluminum and tiling services with the aid of our artisans.
  • Ensure strict compliance with the specification given during construction.


  • General oversight of all mechanical installations.
  • Scheduled maintenance and servicing of boreholes and water pumps.
  • Provision of domestic plumbing repairs and services.
  • General maintenance of all sewage collection systems.
  • Inspection of mechanical projects such as drilling of boreholes, water reticulation and so on
  • Processing and allocation of water bills.


  • Management of stock in the central store.
  • Management and coordination of materials through the process of requisition form.
  • Processing of materials replenishment, re-order and requisition.


  • Beautification of the Polytechnic environment.
  • Clearing of bushes and lawn maintenance.
  • Establishment and keeping of Nursery.
  • Pest control by fumigation.
  • Erosion control by clearing of drainages.

Contact us

 08036546252, 08077873582