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Fastest growing Polytechnic in Nigeria and Sub-Sahara Africa.

The Management

  1. Rector                                                Engr. Dr. Kamoru O. Kadiri  
  2. Deputy Rector (Administration)            Dr. Salimonu Rasheed Ishaq    
  3. Deputy Rector (Academics)                  Mrs. Aliyu Bola Mulikat      
  4. Registrar (Secretary)                           Mr. Gabriel O. Soko
  5. The Bursar                                           Mr. Amidu Ayodeji Azeez
  6. Polytechnic Librarian                            Dr. Rasaq Quadri F.
  7. All Deans (Co-opted)
  8. All Heads of Academic Department
  9. Coordinator, Pre-National Diploma (Pre-ND) Science (Co-opted)
  10. Coordinator, Pre-National Diploma (Pre-ND) Arts (Co-opted)
  11. All Chief Lecturers (Co-opted)
  12. Representative of the Polytechnic Academic Staff
  13. Deputy Registrar, Academics (Secretariat)
  1. Rector                                                      Engr. Dr. Kamoru O. Kadiri 
  2. Deputy Rector (Administration)            Dr. Salimonu Rasheed Ishaq    
  3. Deputy Rector (Academics)                  Mrs. Aliyu Bola Mulikat 
  4. Registrar                                                  Mr. Gabriel O. Soko
  5. Bursar                                                       Mr. Amid A. Azeez
  6. Polytechnic Librarian                                   Dr. Rasaq Quadri F.
  7. All Deans
  8. All Directors
  9. Deputy Registrar, SS Estab. (Secretariat))

The Principal Officers of the Polytechnic are the following:

  1. Engr. Dr. Kamoru O. Kadiri                     Rector
  2.  Dr. Salimonu Rasheed Ishaq            Deputy Rector (Administration) 
  3.  Mrs. Aliyu Bola Mulikat                         Deputy Rector (Academics) 
  4.  Mr. Gabriel O. Soko                              Registrar 
  5. Mr. Amidu A. Azeez                                Bursar
  6. Dr. Rasaq Quadri F.                                   Polytechnic Librarian
  1. Dr. U. B. Ahmed, MFR -        Chairman
  2. Engr. Dr. Kamoru O. Kadiri  (Rector)       -        Member
  3. Hon Yusuf Adamu - Member
  4. Barr Vincent Uji - Member
  5. Hon Ifeanyichukwu Osegbo - Member
  6. Hon Alao Olabisi Kamoru - Member
  7. Mrs. Anthonia. U. Njoku (Rep FME)    -        Member
  8. Barr Olusegun. T. Olawoyin (Rep. Host Community)           -        Member
  1.  Dr. Salimonu R. Isaq         (Dep. Rector Admin)         -  Member
  2.  Mrs. Aliyu B. Mulikat         (Dep. Rector Acad)           - Member
  3. Dr. Sunday. A. Alayemi (Rep. Acad. Board)        - Member
  4. Mrs. Margaret. M. Adeyinka (Rep. Acad. Board) - Member
  5. Dr. Sunday. O. Asakpa (Rep. Congregation) - Member
  6. Mr. Surajudeen. A. Oladuntoye (Rep. Congregation) - Member
  7. Engr. Oyelola.L. Bello (Rep. Congregation) - Member
  8. Mr. Rahman Ayuba     (Rep Alumni) - Member
  9.  Mr. Gabriel O. Soko  (Registrar) -  Secretary



  •    DEANS
  1. School of Communication and Information Technology   Dr. Oluwakemi O. Ogungbamigbe                                              
  2. School of Business and Management Studies                Mr. Adebayo Yekeen Salman     
  3. School of Applied Sciences and Technology                  Dr. Azeez Olasunkanmi Isiaka  
  4. School of Engineering and Technology                         Engr. Adewumi O. Titus     
  5. School of Environmental Studies                                 Dr. Mudi Adamu
  6. School of General Studies                                           Mr. Samuel O. Ogunjimi

The first batch of three hundred and sixty (360) students was admitted into the initial six programmes viz;

  1. Financial Studies
  2. Business Studies
  3. Secretarial Studies
  4. Science Laboratory Technology
  5. Electrical/Electronic Engineering; and
  6. Computer Science

From this humble beginning, the Polytechnic has developed to its present state with 25 programmes offered at National Diploma (ND) level, 18 at Higher National Diploma (HND) level as well as Pre-ND programmes in Arts and Science. The institution is proud of over 15,000 students in its care.


  1. Engr. (Dr.) Taiwo Adeife-Osemeikhan (1992 – 2000)
  2. Dr. Razaq Bello (2000 – 2006)
  3. Mr. Olatunde Durotimi (Ag. Rector: April – July, 2006)
  4. Dr. Mufutau Olatinwo (Ag. Rector: July 2006 – March 2008)
  5. Dr. Mufutau Olatinwo (March 2008 – February 2012)
  6. Dr. Mufutau Olatinwo (March 2012 – February 2016)
  7. Dr. (Mrs.) Ayodele K. Olaosebikan (Ag. Rector: February - December 2016)
  8. Dr. Lateef Ademola Olatunji FCA (December 2016 –January 2022)

9. Dr. Olarongbe Afolabi A. (January 2022- January 2023)

10. Mr.  Eghe m. Igbinehi (January 2023- March 2023)

11. Engr. Dr. Kamoru O. Kadiri (March 2023-Till Date)



Contact us

 08036546252, 08077873582